Review: Kiln, Soho

Kiln does not serve dessert and at no point will you be given a knife, even if you ask very nicely, and while this may sound like a place you don’t want to visit, bear with, because there are more than 17,000 restaurants in London, so the only reason to visit the same one twice is if the food is really, really good, and this was our second visit here in the space of a few months.
On our first we were seated downstairs, where the volume of the Soho crowd is turned down a bit, but this time we ordered cocktails from our barstools and watched small plates of fiery, Thai region food being dispatched from the open kitchen full of clay pots, carried by waiters with good hair and an easy manner.

Eight of these dishes would come our way. The northern style sausage was so good that when people asked about my weekend, that was the thing I mentioned and I didn’t even care. I might have gone on about the wild ginger and beef neck curry too had there been follow-up questions.
This is a place to come for perfectly cooked meat and fish with extravagant spicing. And then you come again, and probably again after that. 9/10

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