Review: Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

This must be the most beautiful place you can eat in London without a tablecloth or an expectation your shoes won’t get muddy.
The food is sensational despite what FrankieFun2013 from TripAdvisor says. It’s balanced and seasonal and fresh and lots of other words you almost feel silly using. I suspect people just expect something different. They’re paying £55 a head, they’ve read that Nigella and Madonna have eaten there, and they don’t expect to have to wedge a menu under their chair. I guess you can’t argue with that but we really, really enjoyed it.
And, in life, if you can find someone to look at you the way my partner looked, after one mouthful, at the steamed tarocco orange pudding with saffron and rose ice cream, well then you’re set.
If you want to make an afternoon of it you can walk down from Richmond station. Be prepared to navigate several stiles and moody gang of Galloway cows. 8/10

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